Wesham 10k

Wesham Summer 10k 29th May 2024 at 7.15pm

Our Wesham 10k held in November each year, has increased in popularity so much over the past few years we have decided to hold a second event on the same Wesham 10k route. Runners like the pb potential course, but many have asked to “have a go” in summer.

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The Wesham 10k and Summer Wesham 10k are sponsored by Gleg Energy Consultancy and Bailey Financial Services.

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Wesham 10k – 30th November  2024.

The Wesham 10k is one of the North West’s oldest continually running 10k road races. Held every November, the race is slightly undulating, running around the lanes of Salwick and Lea Town. The first Wesham 10k race in 1986 was completed by 154 runners. Since then the event has grown continually and regularly attracts a good quality, large field of runners. The Wesham 10k has sold out weeks before race day every year since 2016 and is quickly becoming one of the most popular races in the North West.